Stepping Away from the A/C

The last time I looked at my air conditioning bill, I almost had a heart attack. When on earth did this increase happen. I try to remember how long I keep my unit on. When something is a habit, it can last for an indefinite period of time. I could certainly use this money for some new bike accessories and tools. I remind myself that it comes quarterly so I had better figure out a solution to reducing it to a reasonable amount. What can I say? The only remedy is to cut back on usage, which is easier said than done on really hot days. I don’t like sitting in my own sweat in the middle of the house. There are a few other possibilities.

  1. Wear skimpy clothing and hope no one drops by or sees me through the front window. But it is summer after all so who cares?
  2. Use a ceiling fan to cool off the room in use. You can get desk or floor models according to your needs. They are efficient and effective.
  3. Avoid cooking in the kitchen and don’t even think about turning on the stove. It is time to stick with the microwave.
  4. Install a ceiling fan in the den where I watch TV, play video games and check Facebook. Take down that silly hanging fern and replace it with something useful.

Given the choices, I decided to do all four points one by one. The last one took a little effort and a small expenditure of cash. I installed it myself after consulting with the salesman who steered me right to the clear instructions. Someone who knows the reader is an idiot wrote them. It was not the most economical choice to keep cool with turning on the A/C, but it was the best-looking option. The fan adds a lot of pizzazz to a boring utilitarian room. You can put it in the dining room, living area or on your patio. Why not all three? You might get a discount for a bulk purchase. It can’t hurt to ask. But remember, you are going to save a ton on those hefty utility bills.

Ceiling fans are a genius invention and go back a century. I think of sitting on a lanai in Hawaii sipping iced tea looking out at the white-tipped crashing waves. A few sturdy surfers in wetsuits also appear in my daydream. Ceiling fans are also a ubiquitous gadget in the desert. I love those houses that have open living rooms on one side so that they merge with the adjacent patio. This is also true of Thailand and Bali. You can see that a simple ceiling fan with blades of your color choice brings to mind many pleasant thoughts. You can turn it on, adjust the speed and sit quietly as you remember your days in Palm Springs.