Just a Bad Day

I have been riding for as long as I can remember with nary a mishap. Why now did I hit a root with my front tire on the easiest bike trail in the area and take a nasty spill? It was not a pleasant experience, and one that I hope will not soon be repeated. I was a bit dirty when I got home and a bit rough around the edges, emotionally and physically. I rushed to the kitchen sink to wash my hands because I have a nice Kraus faucet—you know, those sleek and thin things like this that are rounded at the top making a kind of simple open loop. I thought it was so cool when it was first installed, and I still do. No one I know has such an example of modern design. It is easy these days to incorporate industrial innovation in your home with all the new appliances (especially the washer and dryers). It is my first go-to place when I get home after a ride, but not necessarily as harrowing as this one was.

As I approached the faucet in all its gleaming wonder, I nearly slipped on a wet spot on the floor. Really! I didn’t see it anymore than I saw that root on the trail. It is time to get the eyes checked. I reached to grab the faucet as it was the nearest prominent object. I steadied myself and was thankful the skinny gadget did not bend or break. It looks thin enough but is tougher than you think. Now here was an unexpected usage of this state-of-the-art gem. I knew it was a good idea when I first bought it. My old faucet was rusty and dull. Most guys I know wouldn’t think of spending their good, hard-earned money on good looks for the kitchen, but they don’t know how much time I spend in the kitchen. Washing my hands is but one thing I do at the sink. I love the easy-to-use single pull down lever. I also appreciate that I don’t have to shine the unit like I do with the stainless sink. These babies run up to $400, but you can find lots of specials online. In short, I highlight recommend the Kraus. That is my inside-a-blog review.

Clean as a whistle, hands and face, I got back on my bike and rode to meet a friend from Facebook. I recounted the fall and he just didn’t believe it, knowing what a fanatic I am. I guess it can happen to the best of us. It is a good think I didn’t break a leg or even twist a knee. Try cleaning up a scraped body part in the kitchen sink, even with a Kraus faucet providing the liquid. I have heard of bad bike accidents and if you take safety precautions, it shouldn’t happen to you. Watch where you are going and look ahead first and foremost. A glance down now and then never hurts.