Great Way to End a Day

No one says I am cool, except my best friends. I am proud of my nerd status because I have my special strengths. One of them is biking. I can beat the pants off anyone, even the biggest dude in the room. I challenge people all the time and can’t wait to prove that I can ride circles around any bragging meathead. On weekends, I am always out on the Washington trails enjoying the prime of life. There are great bike paths in my scenic state. Outdoor living gives me vigor and vim. Strap on your helmet and find out for yourself, no matter where you live. Take in the fresh air while you get those leg muscles pumping. It will do you a world of good.

After a great day of cycling with friends, we love to treat ourselves to some nice, cold brew. I invite anyone interested to my house to enjoy my collection of special, exotic brands. I offer a growler of beer that I had read about on Crack a Cold One, the minute they enter my space. It keeps the beer cold, fresh, and carbonated. Nothing but the best for the guys. If you are weary and think you need a respite, try my favorite beverage. It is the best pick me up I know. Forget sugary sodas and mundane bottles of water. We already imbibed several when on our bikes. This sport creates a great thirst. There were five of us today hogging the best trails in the nearby wilderness. We stopped for lunch and some photo taking. Instagram was going nuts that day. We are proud to proclaim ourselves the top cyclists in town. When you love something, you brag.

Today I am boasting about my athletic preference and my favorite beer. For me, they go hand in hand. This blog is a way to crow but also to recruit more people who will enjoy the thrill of biking. It is not just for running errands and getting to work through the traffic. When the thin wheels hit the road, you feel free as a bird, flying as fast as your legs will allow. It can become a passion and consume your time. I don’t see that as a problem! Tell me about biking in your state and any experiences you care to share. I have ridden in wind and rain and have been practically run over by errant uncaring motor vehicles. I have been slow and fast as circumstances allow. I have pedaled quietly to enjoy the view or raced with friends to the mountain top. It is not always about speed, but going like the wind can be a lot of fun. If you want to get in the best shape of your life, start biking and join the coterie of devotees who are fit and toned top to bottom.

Bicycling is one of the oldest endeavors and these fine machines date back to the late 19th century.