Riding to Work

Don’t call me a nerd because I like to ride my bike to work. I also ride it on weekends and some evenings. I can visit friends, run errands, get to appointments, and go for a scenic tour –all while getting fresh air and exercise. Okay, I may be a smart nerd! I have made a wise choice.

You can have your car and worry about parking it within a reasonable distance to your office or home door. Be afraid that someone will park to close and ding it with innumerable dents. Fret when you get the insurance bill and your rates have gone up. Pay attention to the price of gas and how it eats away at your overhead budget. Don’t even think about the cost of repairs because it is just too horrendous. Most people have a deductible for an accident, leaving them in debt.

I will take a bike anytime over a car. I love city or mountain biking; it doesn’t matter. I have a compartment so I can tote my business backpack that I selected from Business Bag Review. I can also wear it if I like. If you want to go the same route as me, literally, check their Facebook page and be sure to get a sturdy helmet. Get only the best as it may save your life. You will need a good lock as well to deter thieves. If you work in a corporation, you may want a change of shoes for inside the building so you don’t ruin them out in the elements. Pedaling can take its toll on fancy leather. I have learned the hard way not to buy more than one pair for dress.

Riding a bike has many benefits. In addition to keeping you toned and fit, it burns significant calories if you are out for thirty minutes or more. An hour will take care of that big lunch. Bike riders have great legs by the way. Ladies, take heed. Some detractors mention bad weather, but I make do with a rain poncho and boots. I have all the gear I need for any climate. If you live where it snows, I understand if you would rather take the bus or walk. As for me, I am immune to the cold.

Bike riders are like a clan. We stick together like glue. Ask us anything about brands, prices, or styles and we start talking. We know the differences in construction for men and women as well as younger folk. Some of us collect old models and restore them for fun. It is a hobby worldwide and people buy and sell equipment to one another like an enormous club. If you can get a fifty-year-old Schwinn, you are in the game. There is a big market online for bike parts of any age. I haven’t had time to indulge just yet, but there may come a day. I will make room in the backyard shed or the garage. Meanwhile, I do look at vintage bikes and am learning about their assets.