Still Sore From Yesterday’s Ride

Get me to the hot showers. There had better be enough hot water. Often, when I am last in line at home, I get nothing but a tepid stream. I have to fight for my rights. It is important because I am super sore from yesterday’s bike ride. It was glorious to be outdoors whether in the pleasant crisp weather enjoying the whipping breeze gently beating at my exposed face. I never tire of the scenic vistas, no matter how many times I take the same route. When I vary the trails, I am astounded at what I discover. There is so much beauty in my native land. Every time I go out on the bike, I anticipate a new experience. But a long day on a hard seat takes its toll. My calves can ache for hours after a vigorous ride. It is a good kind of ache like the kind you experience after a great workout in the gym. It means you got plenty of exercise for your entire body. It also means you got to clear out the cobwebs in your mind. If you want to relax and escape in a refreshing manner, I invite you to try bicycle riding.

After a hot shower, I am reinvigorated once again, but I need to replenish my body’s water content. Yes, I am also starving and enjoy a favorite snack and I practically engorge it while reading Twitter. Then comes what seems like a gallon of fresh water. I pour it from the container stored in the fridge. With the whole house water filtering system from Home Water Health newly installed, the taste of my water is better than the distilled kind. I have reusable water bottles that I take on my rides that draw water from this large container. The savings is quite significant when you add your daily consumption up for a month – and then extrapolate what you pay for a year. It is one reason for such a filtering system. In any case, who wants to see rusty water come out of the tub spigot or the shower head?

Most new homes come with state-of-the-art filtering systems, while the old ones don’t. They rely on small filters strategically placed here and there. You end of giving up and boiling your drinking water or buying cases of Evian. You are just like everyone else in this regard. We are, however, for mindful these days of pollution, and thus want to get rid of contaminants in our water supply. We can’t count on our local company to ensure perfectly clean water. They try, but I fear there is lead or other unsanitary elements nonetheless. Investing in a water filtering system is an essential way to maintain your family’s health. Every region of the country is plagued by some kind of pollutant. I even like the idea of bathing in clean water with no rust residue. My skin feels softer as a result. It is no lie. You can pour all the moisture you want in your bath, and it won’t equal the results from filtered water.