This is Why

Unforeseen expenses pop up unexpectedly. You have to deal with it in spite of your tight budget. You dig into your savings. A while back my hot water heater blew, which means it was out of service for far too long. Even one day is too much when you want to take a hot bath. I rushed to call a plumber who sadly informed me that the old fellow had died. I needed a new one. He recommended a tankless model since that is the way people are going these days to save on utility bills and more particularly to save space. I saw dollar bills flying out of my bank account, and it wasn’t for a new bike.

The old water heater was so big that it needed a closet or designated area in the garage or basement. Now you can install a water-conserving design that does the job faster and for less money. It cost about five hundred dollars, but you get most of it back within the first year of usage. The more you pay, the greater the hot water volume. The plumber guaranteed a significant savings in the first month. My water and electricity bills will reflect my modern choice. Of course, I agreed and one of the best tankless water heaters on the market was mine in no time. You don’t have to wait long for them to arrive if you order them online. I love the functionality and being so up to date, so of course it was off to Facebook to gloat. The best was yet to come. I got instant, consistent, and endless hot water on demand.

I came to see the value of my decision when I took a spill from my mountain bike. I was traveling along nicely on a cloudy day, just after a gentle rain. I wasn’t paying attention since the scenery drew my eyes to the right and the left. I took in all the beauty of the land all around including the dark-lined powder puff clouds. I thought we might get another touch of rain. I was lost in my thoughts and failed to see the poor condition of the road. Suddenly without warning, I hit a bump and was thrown onto a muddy, puddle-infested trail. What a mess. I was soaked to the bone, sitting in standing water, and caked with dirt. I couldn’t wait to get home and jump in the shower after tossing my clothes in the washer. I waited to before I let it run so that my shower would use the hot water first. It felt incredible. It took a good ten minutes to produce thorough cleanliness. I thought it would take forever. I thanked my lucky stars for the new tankless water heater that did not give up on me ten minutes into the shower. When I was done, there was even enough left to wash the filthy clothes. I didn’t have to wait. It pays to invest in the best appliances. You never know what is coming down the road. For me, it was mud.