Concrete Fun

I woke up from a nightmare in a damp, cold sweat. My heart was pounding wildly. I was in the middle of nowhere and my bike had been stolen. My prized possession was gone. I couldn’t see around me in the dark of the night and I began to panic. This is how upset I was. The bike was not found and I shook off the terror of a deep sleep. Yes, I am a bike rider by ambition and preference, so much so that I dream about it from time to time. You might think that there are more serious things to worry about, such as the environment and dwindling resources, but you can’t control your subconscious as much as you would like to. As for me, I prefer nicer dreams.

Getting out in the wilds riding my preferred mode of transportation always gets rid of any personal mental gloom or fog. I look for new places and new faces while I am on board. I like to visit the skate park nearby that has room for bike riders. It is taking your mountain bike to the inner city. It is fun to rev your motor along with your fellow travelers. Riding isn’t always about being in nature and zooming down the highway or trail. It can also be concrete fun. The only problem is that you must watch out for the outdoor basketball players who flock around the in-ground hoops that make up a kind of make-shift court. I am not sure it is regulation size, but close to it and it takes up a lot of the park space. It is fun to watch the tall, lanky guys reach to the sky.

I am often tempted to hop off my bike and sit awhile admiring their amazing prowess. Some can make a basket from any distance. I want to try my hand at it some time. It is an energetic lively sport that takes the wind out of you. What better form of exercise? Maybe even better than biking. But from a psychological point of view, riding into the wind is the perfect mood lifter. We all have our own pastimes. Some become a way of life. Whatever gets you off the couch is good. People are too lethargic these days as they gaze into their cell phones, tablets, and laptops. What is the average time per day for these people? Six or seven hours? Your mind and body turn to mush. This is when I start longing to get on my bike and shake the cobwebs from my brain.

It is unusual to want to try something else, like basketball, in my spare time. All of a sudden, I am into variety. That is after all the spice of life. I have started watching a few games on TV and pro ball is pretty exciting. I even like college sports. In this realm, there is something for everyone. Why not start with your local team?