Best Trails in Washington

I consider myself pretty darn lucky to live here in Washington. There are so many great places to ride here! I love to put my bike up on the rack on my car on a sunny day and head out to the trails with a friend or two. I want to be breathing in the fresh pine-scentedair and taking in some of the best views around every chance I get. Here are a few of my favorite trails, just in case you’re interested. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you out there one day!

One of the first places my friends and I went was Cranberry Lake. It’s nice and scenic without being too steep.Fortunately, it isn’t all that remote in case your first experience is kind of a fail. Hey, I won’t judge. It is more of a network of trails than one unique trail, so grab a map when you start. The trails are all pretty well marked, so it is difficult to lose your way, but you can get confused once you’re in the thick of it. It leads to other places (like Heart Lake) so you can end up pretty far from where you start if you don’t pay attention or have some idea of where you are going. Stay off the hikers-only trails and you should have a great time. We made a whole thing out of it and camped.

I also really like the trails at Swan Creek Park. They have some trails and there are plans for more, which I can appreciate and keeps me returning. I enjoy the trail names. How could you not: Ground Control and Major Tom. Hustle and Flow, Braking Bad. That’s funny.  The trails connect, so depending on your skill level and time constraints, you can ride a few without too much trouble. It’s a very wooded area that is very bike friendly. Definitely worth your time.

My other favorite place to go is Duthie Hill. It is nicely maintained and always a fun time. It is really well thought out and there are places that you can practice to improve your abilities. That is always a plus. I like the Gravy Train trail, it gets more challenging as you go and that can help you increase your confidence. It is the type of place that you can just keep coming back to as you get better. It is where I bring all my friends now who want to ride with me but have never done it before.

Those are the places you are most likely to find me on a good day but there are lots more trails here in WA. If you aren’t blessed enough to live here, you can find trails near you on google. Just type “mountain bike trails near me” into the search bar and you should be good to go!